Delivery of clean energy solutions to households by on demand delivery service  of solar products

Sector: Renewable Energy

Year of establishment: 2014

Investment need: 150,000 USD   

Company description

  • The company was founded in 2014 as a distribution company of solar products in partnership with a German based manufacturer.
  • Works with a distribution network of 168 active agents in 10 districts in Uganda. The 10 districts are managed by a central hub taking care of importation, storage, distribution, product testing and after sales services.
  • The company offers smaller solar products (solar lamps and solar lamps with mobile phone charging) in a price range between UGX35,000 and UGSX100,000 for cash sales and larger products (solar home systems and appliances ) starting from UGX600,000 via pay as you go  technology (PAYG). The company has contracts with 2 of the big telecom networks in Uganda, via which consumers can order, pay  for their products and request for service.

Investment opportunity

The company seeks $150,000 in working capital to purchase inventory. This will allow the company to purchase the volumes that justify sea shipment, which reduces transportation costs and improves the gross margin to about 30%.

Entrepreneurial team

The company is 100% owned by the company founder. The company offers a competitive remuneration package (including health insurance) to its employees. Also, the company founder empowers his team members, encouraging to work independently.

Social Impact

  • The company heavily invests in the training of its agent network, both on solar technology (functioning and maintenance of solar products) and financial literacy. To date, the company has trained 402 agents.
  • Via the combination of its rural distribution model and PAYG-technology, the company directly contributes to the accessibility of solar products for those who need it most. To date, the company has sold 10.000 solar products.