Clean energy from agricultural waste

Sector: Renewable Energy

Year of establishment: 2015

Turnover: Post Pilot stage

Investment need: 500,000 USD

Product, market solution and potential

The company was incorporated in 2015 with the main aim of delivering affordable, reliable and productive rural electrification through off grid renewable energy projects. At each power generation site, the company provides affordable high quality agro-processing services to farmers and also purchases sustainable biomass (agro-processing by-products) from both farmers and agro-processors, which is used as feedstock for the gasifiers. Gasification is used to produce clean energy from Agricultural Waste such as rice husks, maize husks/cobs, ground nut shells and coffee husks. Electricity is distributed via a combination of micro-grids and battery boxes to rural industries, households, schools and micro-businesses. The Company already has permits with the National Electricity Regulatory Authority and will sell electricity to the National Electricity Transmission Authority on a 20 year, inflation linked, USD denominated power purchase agreement.

Entrepreneur and Team

The Company founder is an Aerospace Engineer and serial entrepreneur and is supported by a team of both local and expatriate staff. The team has won several International awards.

Turnover and Investment need

The company is still in its post pilot stage and their investment need is 500,000 USD for growth and to be able to have 4 energy hubs running.


The company sees renewable energy from agricultural waste as an integrated solution to energy security, food security, climate resilience and poverty alleviation.

The company has the following positive impacts;

  1. The company has helped reduce on deforestation by replacing charcoal/wood fuels with briquettes a cleaner, cheaper and more efficient cooking fuel.
  2. Reduced on indoor pollution from the emission of the charcoal and wood fuels.
  3. Provides income for farmers that sell agri-waste used to make briquettes and also due to increased income from value added produce.
  4. Provide affordable Agro-processing services to the local communities.
  5. 30%-50% reduction in electricity costs for rural industries and communities

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