Agasaro Organic

Business in food processing

Name business: Agasaro Organic

Entrepreneur: Isabelle Uzumukunda

Sector: food processing

Country: Rwanda

Finance need: 202,898 USD

Year of establishment: 2007

Agasaro Organic is an organic food processing company whose products all derive from pineapples. The main products are juice, jam, wine, dried fruit, and biscuits of pineapple. Isabelle and her team have gained enough market acceptance that they primarily sell wholesale or retail with only about 30 to 40% of the products going to households. Agasaro is the only organic producer of pineapple products; all competitors still use non-organic processes which allow Agasaro to have a large competitive advantage. Isabelle Uzamukunda has a bachelor’s degree in management and over 7 years of experience within the organic food processing industry while still taking care of her two children. This makes her an ideal candidate for future investment opportunities. By filling the investment need, Agasaro Organic will be able to increase its production capabilities, increase the standard of packaging for its juice and jams and be able to invest heavily in international marketing.

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