Affordable high quality medical laboratory supplies

Sector: Health

Year of establishment: 2000

Turnover: USD 1.5M – USD 2M

Investment need: USD 1.080.000

Product, market solution and potential

The company was established in 2000 and is a member of an international group, with its headquarters in Europe. It is one of the leading diagnostics company in Uganda today with a wide range of product offerings from small instruments to state of the art fully automated systems. The company prides in a full range of diagnostic reagents and test kits for chemistry, haematology, immunology and antiseras and offers the health sector a variety of rapid test kits.

Over more than 15 years, the company has obtained experience and coverage of the Ugandan market in distributing a wide range of products. The company aims at automating its manufacturing plant and upgrade existing equipment technology which will enable efficient production ensuring timely delivery, product availability and standardized quality of output. Furthermore, there is an ambition for opening up an equipment Lease line to further expand the usage of its products within Uganda and the East African region.

Entrepreneur and Team

The company is a registered limited liability company, owned entirely by two shareholders, who are assisted by a management team and consultants who are qualified professionals with vast experience in operations, purchasing and marketing.

Turnover and Investment need

The company has a turnover between USD 1.5M – USD 2M and its investment need is USD 1.080.000, they need USD 200.000 for reagent processing, USD 200,000 for equipment lease and USD 680,000 for equipment upgrade.


  1. The company offers easy accesses of laboratory reagents across the country to even the smallest health facilities in remote areas which quickens the process of disease diagnosis. This makes it faster for medical practitioners across the country to treat and diagnosis certain illnesses.

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