Affordable clean energy solutions

Sector: Clean Energy Solutions

Year of establishment: 2008

Turnover: USD 150K-350K

Investment need: Ideal USD 300k-500k

Product, market solution and potential

The company was founded in 2008, and distributes Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) as a clean cooking fuel to households and institutions such as, schools, hospitals, restaurants and hotels. The company is an indigenous company and one of the big players in the LPG industry with a capacity of 35MT Storage capacity. It distributes affordable cylinder LPG gas starting from 3kg to 1000 kg, hosepipes, regulators and range of cookers from 1 burner to four burners.  By switching to LPG gas households and light commercial companies are able to reduce their energy bill by 25%. The company currently operates in the Capital City, Kampala and surrounding regions but is planning on expanding to other regions within with a potential of setting up centres in Rwanda, Eastern Congo, Malawi, and Northern Tanzania.

Entrepreneur and Team

The company was founded by a Medical Doctor who was trained in Europe. He’s very passionate about clean energy solutions and has authored several papers on clean energy. The Company has 30 full time staff, 15 people in sales team and 15 people manage the back office operations.

Turnover and Investment need

The turnover in 2015 was between USD 150k – 350k. The Company is looking to raise US$ 350,000 in debt and/or equity financing to extend the existing LPG value chain coverage to the consumers not served by the major players by building a skid refilling plant ($45k), purchase of LPG gas delivery trucks ($50k), purchase of more cylinders of 3kg, 6kg, 13kg and 45kg ($155k), purchase of pay go cannisters of 6kg and 13 kg ($50k) and strengthen the marketing team ($50k).


  1. Environmental impact, through opting to use gas it reduces on the number of peoplewho use firewood for cooking purposes hence deforestation and household air pollution is minimised.
  2. Offer financing options through ‘pay go services’ for low income customers.
  3. Employment opportunities, currently the company employs 30 staff and 6 ‘’bodaboda’’ cyclists who do the deliveries.
  4. Improve on girl education by reducing on their involvement in fetching firewood, rapes and being bitten by snakes.

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