Providing Equitable Access to Clean cooking for every Ugandan household by producing and distributing energy efficient cooking stove

Sector: Renewable Energy

Year of establishment: 2007

Investment need: 300,000 USD   

Company description

  • The Company was established in 2007. The CEO founded the company with a vision of reducing charcoal consumption and exposure to smoke among users of stoves.
  • The company has set out its future growth strategy which focuses on the scaling of it’s efficient cook stoves business. as they generate more revenue to the company and the market is feasible. They are more sustainable and scalable.
  • The Company has sold over 4,867 cook stoves since 2015.
  • The company has favourable payment terms to its customers- 50% up front payment

Investment opportunity

There is a growing demand for the cook stoves in both the rural and urban areas which the company cannot currently meet. The Company is currently producing the cook stoves manually and can only be able to produce 500 stoves a week, however with the purchase of more machinery for production, the company will be able to produce 1000 cookstoves per week.


The CEO of the company holds a degree in Electrical engineering, Certificate in financial and Business management, a diploma in welding and Fabrication. He has 12 years of experience.

Social impact

  • Consumers that use the cookstoves  have a 70% cost saving in regards to fuel use
  • Innovations of home business for example making stove fuels from grass, making briquettes and selling and earning an income
  • The cook stoves have high health benefits to the consumers; no smoke, less fuel consumption, fast at cooking(time saving)
  • Employment of youth especially girls to sell the stoves and earn a commission on each stove