Facilitating Investment for East African SMEs

Matching Entrepreneurs with Investors

What we do

BiD Network is an independent trusted partner for SME’s in East Africa by facilitating tailored financial solutions throughout their life cycle. Our customers are early stage and growing businesses with a financing need of at least USD 50,000 up to USD 5M. Via our local office in Uganda, we provide investment-readiness and dealmaking services to selected entrepreneurs that have at least $100.000 revenue, social impact, significant growth potential and a competent entrepreneurial team. We are also able to provide high quality deal flow to our large international network of investors, both private and institutional.


How we do this

We find investment opportunities through our network of established partners. After a thorough selection process, we contract the businesses that meet our criteria. All businesses pay us a small upfront preparation fee and an one-off success fee depending on the deal size, which is only paid if the company receives investment. Investors get free access to our portfolio of investment ready businesses after sharing their investment preferences and signing an NDA. We offer the following services to entrepreneurs and investors:


Investment Readiness

With our practical and tailor-made Investment Readiness, entrepreneurs are fully prepared to receive investment.

Deal making

Linking your business to an assortment of investment types ranging from debt, equity, convertible debt and others, depending on the needs of your business.


Access to our Portfolio

Investors receive access to the well-prepared businesses from BiD Network’s portfolio. 

Impact Investment Trips

Investors meet our selected growth entrepreneurs, allowing them to get a full grasp of the investment eco-system.

Ready-2-Invest Master Classes

Specifically designed to prepare investors to finance SMEs in emerging markets.

Investor Drinks

Inspiring speakers talk about impact investing and investors meet like-minded people.