Nationale Postcode Loterij

The Dutch National Postcode Lottery was founded in 1989 to support charities. Today, 2,5 million people are taking part in the lottery. They have a monthly chance to win hundreds of thousands of prizes. At the same time, they support charities as 1/2 of the lot price goes to 92 different charity organizations. Since the foundation of the lottery, more than € 4,4 milliard has been given to human and nature. Besides BiD Netwerk do UNICEF, the World Wide Fund for Nature, Amnesty International, Natuurmomenument, Doctors Without Borders en many other organizations receive yearly support of the lottery.

Since 2005, the lottery has expanded to the United Kingdom and Sweden, where the People’s Postcode Lottery and the Svenska PostkodLotteriet raise funds for charities. In the Netherlands, the National Postcode Lottery cooperates with the BankGiro Loterij and the Vriendenloterij for the Good Causes Lotteries. Worldwide, Novamedia/Postcode Lotteries is the second largest private donor to charities.