Información general sobre el producto
Información general sobre el producto: 

What customer need/problem do your products/services satisfy? - We are giving them a clean environment.When we did the marketing research,we found out that there was a seriuos need to have a clean area for houesholds and institutions in paynesville.we are meeting that need.

 Grupo de clientes
Competidor - Texto libre: 

Describe your competitors? - Our competitors are those individuals who are not register with the government,they take their wheelbarrow and go around the community collecting waste for a very cheaper price.presently our biggest competitor is the City Authority and the local community authories.They make the law and inforce it,thereby they find it easy to collect sanitation fees from business without collecting their waste and so we find it difficult in getting our customers.What makes your business different/better than your competitors (competitive advantage)? - With the knowledge i have in this business, we can survive in the mist of our competitors.We do constant awareness encouraging people to see reason to be apart of the process for proper disposal of their waste.

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