Fundación Escuela de Gerencia Comunitaria

Calle del Medio 1-1, entre calle La Estación y Plaza Bolívar Antimano, Municipio Libertador

The School Foundation for Communitarian Managment is a non profit organisation created in 1992 to develop politics and action lines directed towards the promotion and defence of Human Rights, vocacional training and education, research, creation and transfer of adecuated tools for the Sustainable Local Development and the promotion of the Communitarian Organisation.

Our vision is to contribute trhough our communitarian work to the creation of citizenship based on the production of wealth, participatory democracy, justice, peace, diversity and proper liofe standards for the people.

Our commitments:
1. To promote the participation of the community in the planning, execution and follow-up of the public politics, enphasizing the children, teenagers and their families situation.
2. To promote the organization of the community in order to generate goods and services.
3. To overcome social exclusion and poverty.
The Foundation is located in the parish of Antimano, in the West of Caracas. Almost all its employees, are from this parish of around 150.000 inhabitants, 22 barrios characterized by its popular origin.

Ubicated in the historic colonial center, it works for the different barrios and opens its doors to the problems of the community thanks to the Defensoría: a free service based on dealing with the comun problems through the conflict resolution methods; on giving advise and transfering the delicate cases to the Courts; on mediating between the community and any other institution, organisation or individual in conflict.

Another direct services offered to the community is the House-Home of familiar groups of Children: as an attempt to end the arbitrary ubication of children into different entities with the sole criteria of age, this project was started gathering different groups of children that otherwise they will never grow as a family. At this moment there are 10 children growing up as a family and the advances in their development has been amazing.

Apart form this two main projects that are permanent, the Foundation in alliance with other institutions and the support of financial partners develops many different projects with a common linkage: the community base. In this path, projects as the following have been executed: the drainage of the Guaire river, the habitat of the Barrios, the Participation of Children and Teenagers of the Barrios, Places to play freely: ludotechs, Communitarian Kinder Gardens and Open Classes...

The experience on communitarian work is a non arguable strength of this non profit organisation and the income of the executed projects is what permits to keep the Defensoría and the House-home of Children alive. However, the financial pressure imposed by this two permanent projects it´s what bring us to develop the business plan we are introducing in this Challenge.