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We offer web services and advisory services.

The webplatform connects entrepreneurs, coaches and financiers with each other. As an entrepreneur you are supported in writing your business plan. You can receive advice from a coach, and the best entrepreneurs are presented to registered financiers. As a financier registered on you can find viable business opportunities from all over the world.

Advisory Services

Since 2010 BiD Network has developed its advisory services as a way to upscale our support to entrepreneurs and financiers in emerging markets. Our services are offered to business service providers, such as business support centers, incubators, NGOs and entrepreneurship schools, as well as to financial service providers, such as banks, investment funds and business angel networks. Our advisors and trainers are passionate professionals experienced at working in different cultures and challenging situations. 

BiD Start-Up Kit

The BiD Start-Up Kit is a training and advisory services package for Business Service Providers in emerging markets to support entrepreneurs and prepare them for finance. Read more.

BiD Challenge - business plan competitions

The BiD Challenge is a service for corporates, financiers, SME service providers and other organizations that want to identify Small and Medium Enterprises in emerging markets and build a pipeline of investment opportunities. See open competitions and events. Interested in organizing a competition tailored to your needs? Read more

Coaching Program

Over 1,400 accredited professionals volunteer to coach entrepreneurs on their business plans. The coaching program is flexible and has proven to be mutually rewarding for the entrepreneur, the coach and the coach’s employers. Interested in coaching? BiD Network continuously seeks volunteer coaches (especially those who speak Spanish and French) to assist entrepreneurs and corporate partners that would like to engage employees. Read more.

Ready4Finance Training Program

Entrepreneurs often need guidance on how to write a business plan that is ready for financing, on how to find financing or on how to negotiate with financiers. The Ready4Finance training program provides business service providers with the knowledge, skills and the tools to support Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) to go “the last mile”. Read more.

Investor Matchmaking

BiD Network offers private investors and SME investment funds access to investment grade business plans of committed entrepreneurs in emerging markets. Investors have the chance to explore selected business opportunities, free of obligations. BiD Network also supports SME service providers with the development of their own matchmaking services. Read more.

Investor Services

This is a unique service for cross-border investors wanting to invest in 16 developing countries. We offer foreign and local investors due diligence, financial contracts, payments and monitoring of SMEs, at less than half the cost of the Big-4 accountancy firms with the same degree of quality. Read more.

Setting up Business Angel Networks

BiD Network actively supports angel investment and provides guidance for the establishment of local business angel networks. We provide capacity development services to grow business angel networks, and connect them to resourceful, innovative and high potential investment opportunities. Read more.

SME Investment Guides

The “Investing in SMEs” country guides (Uganda, Mexico, Colombia) address the investment knowledge gap by providing all the information necessary to plan, manage and exit from an SME in emerging markets. Download here

Events - "Growing SMEs, Connect. Exchange. Invest"

Entrepreneurs, investors and SME finance practitioners meet at the event "Growing SMEs: Connect. Exchange. Invest.". This annual event has been held several times in The Netherlands, in Colombia in 2011 and in Rwanda on May 17, 2012. Upcoming editions are planned in Mexico and in Rwanda, in November 2013. Read more.