Putera Sampoerna Foundation

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The Putera Sampoerna Foundation is far more than a charitable organization. It began in 2001 by offering scholarships to academically gifted students from the most disadvantaged families in Indonesia, and has distributed more than 34,000 scholarships since.

But the foundation has evolved dramatically over the past decade. It has passed many milestones–none more important than its evolution into a social business enterprise as part of its commitment to sustainability and positive change. It has also become Indonesia’s first consultant and operator for corporate social responsibility programs. The foundation aims to achieve its vision for Indonesia through its Pathway to Leadership strategy, based on its Four Pillars: development of leaders through education, job creation through entrepreneurship development, the enlightenment of our women, and deployment of compassionate and disaster Relief.The Putera Sampoerna Foundation is the first social business enterprise in Indonesia to envision creating high-caliber future leaders and entrepreneurs to help Indonesia to meet the future challenges of global competition.