CTA Mozambique

Rua de Castanheda

CTA's is the Confederation of Business Associations with 70 members among Federations, Associations and representative Chambers of Commerce on entire national territory and Business sectors and focuses its activities in seeking solutions to the problems of the private sector, carrying out reforms in dialogues with the Government.

It focuses on creating a dynamic and competitive private business sector, contributing to the Business social well-being of Mozambicans. CTA aims to stimulate a favorable business environment by influencing Business policies and to promote the competitiveness and quality business strategy. They also promote investment and CSR.
The Role of CTA in The Nature Challenge is primarily focused on;

  • promotion the initiative amongst its members and inviting businesses to submit a nature based business plan
  • Actively invite its member base seek business partnerships with the most promising entrepreneurs
  • Position in the jury
  • Host the national event in Maputo by the end of June 2010 - exposing the most promising businesses to financiers, buyers, media and the like