Business World Philippines

Raul Locsin Bldg. 1 Balete Drive Extension, New Manila
Quezon City

The country’s leading business newspaper represents three decades of professional economic journalism. This tradition of excellence began when BusinessDay first came off the press on February 27, 1967. In its maiden issue, the paper pledged “competent and responsible reporting of the news.” The paper expanded its operations in the years that followed to keep in step with the growing business community, eventually making BusinessDay Southeast Asia’s first business daily.

BusinessDay was considered a standard of fairness, credibility and integrity in the journalistic world. The principles behind the paper’s existence were closely guarded by its publisher/president and editor-in-chief Raul L. Locsin.

At least twice in its history, the paper was able to withstand forces both within and outside the company. First, the martial law years failed to stop its presses. Second, the concept of professional economic journalism refused to die even as a labor problem forced the company to close shop on June 5, 1987. The non-striking workers got together barely a month later to form BusinessWorld Publishing Corporation, ushering in the paper’s rebirth under a new name. Today, the business paper comes out Monday through Friday, with a Saturday exclusive online edition, with national and foreign circulation totalling 54,000.

With the paper’s excellent news coverage and style of reporting, a readership survey conducted late last year by an independent research group revealed that subscribers pass their copies on to an average of five other persons. Its subscribers are trendsetters and decision-makers — leaders in business, industry and government, both here and of governments and corporations abroad that are keen on Philippine business updates.