Business Development Center (BDC)

PO Box 941865 11194
+962 658 65002

BDC is the international partner of BiD Network in Jordan.

Collaboration with BiD Network
BDC has been a partner of BiD Network since 2008. Jordanian entrepreneurs benefit from this partnership by having the opportunity to be linked with interested investors, which might put their business ideas into action, and will eventually contribute to their economic development.

The Business Development Center (BDC) is a non-profit organization committed to fostering economic development and public reform in Jordan and the Middle East. As a national and regional resource, BDC works with a broad range of business service providers, government entities, universities and international partners to deliver development programming throughout the region. BDC helps Jordanian enterprises realize their full potential, to create more jobs with higher incomes and to prepares them to compete successfully in regional and international markets. As a regional and national resource, the center also launches business development service initiatives and facilitates several donor economic development projects. The center works with a broad range of donors, business service providers and partners. BDC manages a number of projects and pipeline initiatives which help MSMEs successfully navigate the challenges and opportunities of the competitive business and industry environments to reach even higher levels of achievement.

Services of BDC for entrepreneurs
• Business & Export Development Project for Jordanian Enterprises – Tatweer.
Enhancing competitiveness and exports of Jordanian SMEs locally, regionally and internationally.
• Linking SMEs with Financial Institutions - Access to Finance Project.
Bridging the gap between MSMEs and financial institutions.
• Empretec: Entrepreneurial Capacity-Building Program.
Developing and enhancing entrepreneurial behavior.
• Business Development Services Conference.
Promoting international standards and best practices.
• Export Development Program for European Markets CBI – Export Line.
Increase Jordanian exports to Europe.
• Friends for Success Initiative.
Enhancing global outreach and transferring experience
• Increasing the Competitiveness of Women Owned and Managed Businesses Programs and Initiatives

Staff to contact
Director of Entrepreneurship & MSME Support
Mr. Ghaleb Hijazi
Tel: +962 79 9088984

BiD Network contact person for Jordan
Sanne Boogers
Tel: +31 (0)20 7555 011