Burundi Business Incubator (BBIN)

Intersection of Boulevard de L’Uprona and Avenue Muyinga, next to the Presidential Palace and the French School.
B.P. 3000

The Burundi Business Incubator (BBIN) is a non-profit association (Association Sans But Lucratif-ASBL) that develops entrepreneurship and general business skills in both established and new Burundian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Though a not for profit association, the BBIN considers itself more of a social enterprise, and is therefore operates like a business in order to ensure quality service as well as its own operational sustainability. Therefore the BBIN charges a variety of fees for its different services.

The BBIN was founded in 2010 by 20 of Burundi’s leading private sector stakeholders, which include banks, telecoms, trade associations, insurance providers, and universities. The BBIN also received technical and financial support from USAID and NAR Holland, as part of their respective commitments to promoting private sector development in Burundi. Thanks to the commitment and support of so many key stakeholders, the BBIN will be able to support Burundian SMEs both today and tomorrow.

Collaboration with BiD Network
- In 2011 BiD Network started activities in Burundi by partnering up with the BBIN
- The BBIN organized the first off- and online business plan competition in Burundi called SHIKA
- BiD Network certified the BBIN on the Ready4Finance training, with which the BBIN staff will train entrepreneurs in business and financial planning in 2012.

Director: Pierre Claver Nduwumwami
Deputy Director & Training Manager: Christian Nibasumba
Finance and Administration Manager: Cynthia Keranda

Services for entrepreneurs or others
The BBIN provides a dynamic, open, and enabling environment within which entrepreneurs can grow their business in the presence of their peers. The BBIN does this by providing a variety of essential business development services such as an appropriately sized and priced workspace, high speed internet, consulting services, mentorship, business trainings, and accounting support for small businesses.