Barclays Bank

Collaboration with BiD Network
Barclays Bank was one of the partners and investors in the Access to Clean Energy Challenge organized in 2009-2010. Through this business plan competition, 7 entrepreneurs found finance for their proposals.

Barclays Africa
In 1864 we laid the foundations of our African business in Egypt. Since then we have crossed borders and become part of the daily life of ten countries: Botswana, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Seychelles, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. And in the forthcoming years we have plans to extend our reach even further.

Africa is a proud member of the emerging markets, and today we stand at a new dawning. Our business’ recent rapid growth has seen us secure shares in all key markets, raise our position and affirm our strong support structure. All this means that today we are ready to strengthen the continent’s hold on the global stage.

Our commitment is far deeper ingrained than just our business aspirations. Almost a century ago we made a promise to serve the communities where we worked. And we have since initiated a series of ongoing projects, providing practical support and inspiring young people to dream as big as us.

Joining Barclays Africa you will be at the forefront of our expansion. We shall support your every move, giving you the opportunity to forge an international career with a leading global bank. We are calling for the nation’s most talented professionals and those overseas to return, and be a part of our ongoing journey.