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Business plan competitions


Open Competitions


Kosovo Fall Challenge 2013

The focus of BiD Network is to link investors with small and medium enterprises with financial need from $10.000 to $5.000.000 in the next 5 years.
BiD Network in cooperation with BSC Kosovo supports and advices the best entrepreneurs paving their way towards financing.

Main Prize: Meet with businesses in the Netherlands (B2B)

Besides the main prize, you will also benefit:
• Receive free coaching, feedback and support in writing your business plan
• Get expert advice to start and promote your business
• Training in “Business Finance” and “Pitching for Success”
• Prepare for financing from other donors in Kosovo and abroad

Who can apply?
Everyone who is interested to establish or expand their business and who have financial need between 10.000 and 5.000.000 dollars

How to apply?
• Create your personal profile in BiD Network
• Present your business plan
• Finalize your business plan for investors

Submit your complete business plan before November 5th, 2013

Apply now!

Apply as soon in order to get expert advice in improving your business plan and therefore increasing your chances of winning the competition.


Recently Closed Competitions

1. Kosovo Spring Challenge 2013
2. ICT Challenge 2013


BSCK Award Ceremony 2013

The Award Ceremony 2013 was organized by Business Support Centre Kosovo (BSCK) in cooperation with SPARK and BiD Network on 21st of June 2013. In this event, 15 entrepreneurs and businesses that participated with a business plan in an online and offline competition were awarded as Best Business Plan winners.

This event also marked the certification of 157 participants who finished the BSCK School of Entrepreneurship, 227 students who completed the Career Development Training and 13 entrepreneurs who completed the Best Innovative Business Idea Training. A total of 65 full business plans were submitted and most of them underwent an evaluation by a professional and independent selection committee.

The online competition “Kosovo Spring Challenge 2013” attracted a remarkable number of applications from entrepreneurs all over Kosovo, 82 applications were submitted for this challenge. After the trainings and coaching sessions, 17 of entrepreneurs entered the final phase of the competition.
For participants of the online competition specialized trainings in “Financial Statements” and “Pitching for Success” were delivered. Also, entrepreneurs benefited from professional coaching sessions. 81 coaching sessions were delivered to 29 participants.

The Best Business Plan from the online competition “Kosovo Spring Challenge 2013” and the winner of “Business Trip to Holland” was awarded to:

1. Leana Mahmuti (Le arch 3D).

As for the offline competition, 14 business plans were awarded with the BSCK Business Support Package, composed of micro credits, professional consultancy, membership at Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, and networking.

The following participants were awarded:
1. Arina Dedaj & Ndue Marku- TripGamez
2. Granit Elshani - N.T.P “ASDRENI"
3. Valon Krasniqi & Fisnik Avdiu - PRIMO Group
4. Miranda Rugova - Rugova
5. Vlora Ademi - IEAPP “LISI"
6. Fatime Ademi & Vjosa Fejza - Fata Cakes
7. Leonora Hajdari - Healthy Mushrooms
8. Marigona Lajqi & Fitim Xhema – Fibello
9. Leana Mahmuti - Le arch 3D
10. Learta Shalqini - Bimet Mjekuese
11. Ymridin Qollopeku - Studio Kreative "Anja"
12. Taulant Krasniqi  - PCS Technology
13. Berat Berisha - Agro-vet
14. Diellza Xhemajli  - Scootaxi

Guests also had the opportunity to witness the “Pitching for Success” by four entrepreneurs chosen by the selection committee. The day was rounded up by a networking cocktail where guests were given the opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss the vision of Kosovan young entrepreneurs.


Previous Competitions (closed)

Kosovo Fall Challenge 2012

The Kosovo Fall Challenge was closed on 9 December 2012 and had 61 online participants. This competition was organized by two of BiD Network and Spark's partners: BC Zvecan based in Zvecan and BSC Kosovo based in Pristina. 

The award ceremony of BC Zvecan was held on Tuesday, 18 December during which the winners of the competition pitched their business in 2 minutes or less to the audience. The 5 winners were chosen by 3 independent jury members that have extensive business knowledge. There were 29 offline and 7 online business plans competing. And the winners are:

1. Goran Jocic – Production of Wooden Furniture
2. Milan Petrovic - Production of vegetable seedlings in the greenhouse and in the open field
3. Nevena Spasic - Company for the purchase and processing of herbs
4. Stefan Spasojevic - Advertising through LED screen
5. Stefan Todorovic  – Dairy

The award ceremony of BSC Kosovo was held on Wednesday, 19 December at 13 o'clock at the Hotel Emerald in Pristina. 4 entrepreneurs pitched their business in 2 minutes to the audience followed by questions. The winners were chosen by an business experienced jury. There were 14 finalists of 54 online applications. The winners receive a business trip with B2B meetings in The Netherlands. The winners are:
Valbona Raifi - Bakery  and Rroimir Shalqini - Dairy Farm (artificial insemination)


Kosovo Spring Challenge 2012

“Kosovo Spring Challenge 2012” was organized during the first half of 2012. The winner of the main prize was Labinot Kameri (business: Rroni Fer) who will be attending the investors conference “Growing SME’s” taking place in Netherlands from 12th to 16th of  November 2012.
Besides the main price, three other business plans have been awarded with 1.500€ (Arnisa Krasniqi), 1.000€ (Kaltrina Hasan Rama) and 500€ (Kushtrim Bytyqi).

BiD Network Challenge in Kosovo

The first competition of BiD Network in Kosovo was organized by the end of 2011. The main prize was awarded to Afrim Bajraktari (business: VirtuReal) who won 7.000 Euro, and together with Alban Elezaj (business: Super Mix) on May 2012 attended the investors conference “Growing SME’s” in Rwanda.


Kosovo entrepreneurs attended the famous BiD Week during which BiD Network together with its partners will prepare them for the big Growing SMEs event in The Hague on 15 November 2012:

Labinot Kameri - business: Rroni Fer is looking to finance its project to establish new production lines for annealed wire, zincked wire and wire nails. - sponsored by BiD Network.

Fatos Gacaferri - business: Ion Coders offers standalone as well as complete, end-to-end services for mobile application development for Apple iPhone and Android platform and is the successful creator of many business apps for different mobile platforms. - sponsored to come by STIKK.

Arlind Gjikolli - business: VISITCARD is a unique social network platform for business cards. A global platform for sharing, exchanging and managing business cards. - sponsored to come by STIKK.

We are currently planning a Growing SMEs event to be hosted in Pristina, Kosovo for 2013.

- Entrepreneurs awarded in Kosovo - 20.07.2012
- Entrepreneurs and students awarded for Kosovo Spring Challenge 2012 in North Kosovo - 18.07.2012
- First 'Dragon's Den' style Pitch Session in Kosovo - 14.12.2011
- Foundations for cooperation with Diaspora Ministry in Kosovo - 14.12.2011
- Diaspora Challenge - 02.08.2011
- Welcome to our new partners in Palestine, Kosovo, Burundi, Liberia and Rwanda - 29.06.2011


Business Support Centre Kosovo, Prishtinë
Business Center Zvecan, Zvečan

The cooperation between BiD Network (Pamela Ronai), BSC Kosovo (Muhamed Rexhepi and Kastriot Ajeti) and BC Zvecan will continue in the upcoming years, therefore more business plan competitions will be organized.
One of the main objectives is to support entrepreneurs with coaching and expert advice in preparing their business plans and matchmaking successfully businesses from Kosovo with potential investors from within and outside Kosovo.

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