Women in Business | Underinvestment in Women Entrepreneurs

In 2009, only 17% of bidnetwork.org members was comprised by women entrepreneurs.Aware that women are key agents for sustainable development and so that they can have access more services and support, BiD Network has undertaken many initiatives – such as the Women in Business Challenge – to support and promote entrepreneurial equality. As a result of these efforts, women entrepreneurs now make up 35% of the member base, but further work remains to be done, locally and globally.

As we attempt to improve and develop the services we provide to women entrepreneurs, we have recently engaged in a research partnership with Value for Women. This knowledge sharing structure will produce a series of research projects, providing insight on the difficulties and current trends facing women entrepreneurs, the first of which is the brilliant infographic below.

The infographic looks at the issues of underinvestment in women’s entreprises and with the results detailing thatonly 1 in 10 entrepreneurs in impact investor portfolios are women, provides insight into the barriers women face when starting or growing a business in Latin America.

With the next #WIBChat on March 19, on the topic of Access to Finance, the infographic provides interesting background to those wanting to join or follow the twitter chat.

Please click on the image below to see an enlarged version.
how you can work better with women entrepreneurs