Vote for BiD Network – E&Y partnership

De Partnershipverkiezing: Vote for BiD Network & E&Y collaboration

De Partnershipverkiezing: Vote for BiD Network & E&Y collaboration


To celebrate two years of fruitful partnership, BiD Network & Ernst & Young participate in De Partnershipverkiezing 2012 with a ‘Best Partner’ reward thrown in.

Ernst & Young encourages their people to donate their skills to smaller ventures that have the potential to contribute significantly to the economy of a household, a village or an entire nation. This is why Ernst & Young supports BiD Network entrepreneurs by coaching them in writing their business plan and by sharing their expertise.

Ernst & Young has been a coaching partner of BiD Network since 2010. They have also been involved in the Women in Business Challenge, and the Ondernemen Zonder Grenzen competition. We are a perfect example of how profit and non-profit organizations can collaborate to build and promote sustainable entrepreneurship in emerging markets through an ambitious coaching program.

We do think we are the best partners. We would love our collaboration to be rewarded in De Partnershipverkiezing 2012, a Dutch competition conceived by Behold. Winning would allow us to reach key stakeholders, a larger audience and get access to training to make our coaching program grow.

To help BiD Network & Ernst & Young win and to show your support for our coaching services, vote now on

How to vote? Simple!
– Go to,
– spot the Stem nu! vote module in the right column, and select Ernst & Young, BiD Network
– enter your email address
– and confirm your vote by clicking in the email you receive just after.

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Thanks for your support!

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