Somali Diaspora Investment Event in the Netherlands

Somali Diaspora Investment Event in the Netherlands

On Saturday the 13th BiD Network and Nedsom together with Diaspora Business Centre organized an event for Somali diaspora to promote investment opportunities in the different Somali regions. Dozens of interested came together in The Hague to learn more about the Somali AgriFood program and IFAD Matching Grant Fund and to hear about experiences with entrepreneurship in Somalia.

The afternoon started with a word of welcome by Guled Yusef of Nedsom. After that, Annemarie van Mossel of BiD Network explained about the services of BiD Network, the Somali AgriFood program and IFAD Matching Grant Fund and the meaning of business angels. The main goal of the Somali AgriFood program is supporting and increasing small and medium businesses in the agriculture, food-processing and fishery sectors and involving the diaspora for more and sustainable investments.

The day continued with several guest speakers sharing experiences and knowledge on modernizing agriculture and discussing entrepreneurship in different Somali regions. A Q&A with BiD Network and the guest speakers closed the day off.

The Importance of Investments

The Horn of Africa is one of the regions in Africa at an economic turning point. The power of the economic development is mainly in the hands of local Somali entrepreneurs and the Diaspora investments that support them. Increased investment, in which the Somali Diaspora plays an important part, is very important for the development of the Somali regions.

Have you ever thought about investing in small businesses? Do you have any friends, family members, or associates with a Somali business in need of finance? Visit our websites for more information and to join the Somali AgriFood program: for Somaliland for Puntland for South and Central Somalia