Ready4Finance training program


As the Business Start-up Center (BSC) Monrovia expands its services to other regions in Liberia and grows their team to support more entrepreneurs, BiD Network makes sure that the staff has enough tools to provide the services these entrepreneurs need. One of the most appreciated products BiD Network started transferring to BSC Monrovia already in 2011 is the Ready4Finance training package. The Business Plan and Financial Plan modules are frequently used by the BSC Monrovia staff not only for the participants of their business plan competition, but also for other assignments. Due to both the expansion of BSC Monrovia and the demand for these training sessions, two new staff members started 2013 with a 6-day intensive Train the Trainer (ToT) course in order to become certified R4F trainers. They will be training the participants of the IT Liberia business plan competition in February.

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In 2012, two trainers in the North of Kosovo have been certified and are now giving trainings to entrepreneurs in the region. Now, two more trainers are in process of certification and will support the training sessions organized by our partner BC Zvecan during 2013. BC Zvecan aims to train around 45 entrepreneurs to enable them to start or grow a business. The training sessions will cover topics such as Financial Statements, Market analysis and Sales Forecasting among others. These topics are included in the Financial Plan and Business Plan module of the Ready4Finance training package. Entrepreneurs can apply to participate in the upcoming training sessions through our partner BC Zvecan.

Become a Ready4Finance training provider

Business Service Providers (BSPs) that support starting and growing SMEs in emerging markets can obtain a license to become a provider of the Ready4Finance (R4F) training program. The process to become a R4F training provider includes an intensive ‘Train the Trainer’ (ToT) course and certification trajectory where the candidates need to prove their abilities to train entrepreneurs during practical sessions. BiD Network organizes ToT and certification sessions for individual or groups of BSPs. For more information on the trainer certification and licensing process send an email to