IT Liberia Competition challenges entrepreneurs with innovative workshops

In Liberia, our partner BSC Monrovia has taken proactive approach in the ICT Challenge, offering its participants a series of extensive business & IT training sessions. While internet penetration in the country is improving, this program, held at BSC Monrovia Entrepreneurship Center, also offers essential preparation to entrepreneurs with unreliable internet access.

Prior to the Coaching deadline, 66 entrepreneurs applied for the IT Liberia Business Plan Competition. After scrupulous evaluation by the jury, 20 entrepreneurs were selected to attend a series of training workshops.

BSC Monrovia undertook a workshop, between February 4 to 7, offering; business development, customer care, human resources, marketing and financial plan training. Allowing BSC Monrovia to utilize the service provider skills they developed during BiD Network’s Ready4Finance training.

From March 18 to 22, competition partner iLab Liberia provided an innovative IT training session showing participants the benefits of IT engaged business, offering training and inspirational success stories to enlighten even the most observant Luddite. With a full day devoted to micro-blogging, social media marketing and access to finance online, iLab demonstrated the impact ICT can offer when starting or growing a business.

The participants will now spend a month writing their business plan with the assistance of coaches and mentors as well as the facilities of BSC Monrovia, and some may even become local celebrities as the training week was filmed for a television show produced by the country.

The final deadline for the competition is June 30, still time for ICT entrepreneurs to plug into the possibilities. Apply here.