A Gaza-based Initiative to Boost e-Businesses via Online Crowdfunding

A group of entrepreneurs from the Gaza strip have recently launched an initiative called ‘Gaza e-Business’ to help local producers and inventors reach customers and interested people overseas using the Indiegogo crowd funding platform, and aiming to help create a new e-channel to allow purchase and sales between Gaza and the outside world. While the campaign in a new trend in Palestine, previous successful campaigns from Palestine and the region have inspired the entrepreneurs to use this method business wise, with the aim of creating sustainable small businesses in various areas in order to promote the local produce.

Campaigns under this initiative were launched within the same time frame of 30-days and under different categories that ranged from traditional Palestinian handmade accessories, embroideries and gifts to high-tech applications for student advisory, GPS Apps and Facebook guide.

The question is: will these campaigns be able to actually create a new model for Gaza-based Businesses? You get to decide.

Please consider checking and supporting the campaigns via the links below:

• Rose for Handmade Palestinian embroiders 
• Magic Touch
• Kandoosh Gallery
• Student Advisory – Gaza
• GPSR: New concept for reminder
• Facebook: tips and tricks

Click here for more information or contact Gaza e-Business