BiD Network launches market research in Rwanda & Uganda


We all know the obstacles hampering SME growth. They are access to knowledge, access to finance and access to markets.

Access to knowledge is a broad term. Hence, the variety of actors providing access to knowledge is large. The GIIN and Open Capital’s recent publication about East Africa sought to make an attempt to map the larger Business Development Services providers. However, the sector is scattered, consisting out of many individual consultants.

Which are the organizations specifically designed to provide Business Development Services? How do SMEs that made use of these services rate them? Who pays for these services?

These are the questions we are seeking to answer by means of a market research project and we need your help.

Are you an SME and have you made use of Business Development Services? We want to hear from you! Please fill in our survey here.

Are you an intermediary and have you ever purchased or provided Business Development Services? Please let us know here!

Thank you and keep an eye out on the website and blog to stay updated on this market study.