BiD Network Team

Meet the team

The BiD Network team consists of a small group of enthusiastic and driven staff. With a lot of dedication and fun we help entrepreneurs in emerging markets. The team of BiD Network works from the head office in Amsterdam the Netherlands and a local office in Kampala, Uganda. Guided by the Supervisory Board, based in the Netherlands. Together, the team works to complete its mission: preparing emerging market entrepreneurs for investment.


Netherlands Team


Gert van Veldhuisen
Gert is a driven serial entrepreneur and committed impact investor. After his first successful exit in 2008, he became an angel investor, reinvesting part of his profit in impact businesses in Asia and Africa.
Huseyin Demirhisar
After a career with Shell, ING, PYMWYMIC and Angelwings, Huseyin brings a vast international experience in corporate finance, venture capital, angel investing and investment banking. He was involved in deal making from every seat at the table. Within BiD Network he will be responsible for reinforcing investments and our operational fundament so we can keep up with the demand and accelerate our international expansion.
Rahil Hanif
Finance Officer
''Seeing how many jobs are created via BiD Network by growing and connecting SMEs shows the importance of impact investing.''

Rahil is the finance officer at BiD Network and has been responsible for the financials of the foundation since 2009. He holds a BEc from the Hogeschool InHolland in Amsterdam. He worked as a financial administrator at Abraxas Finance & Accounting and the National Association of First Help Psychologists. Gaining practical experience in accounting for non-profit organisations.

Uganda Team


Martha Muhairwe
Finance Officer
“There are very many businesses with social impact in developing countries like Uganda; there is however a gap where these entrepreneurs can not access financing to grow their business; that is where Bid Network comes in to Bridge this gap by matchmaking these entrepreneurs with impact investors.”

Martha is the Finance officer; she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management; is currently pursuing an MBA and her Accountancy Certification. She is responsible for the financial Management of the BiD Network Uganda office. Martha is a financial analyst for the Entrepreneurial financial sets to best prepare them for the investors.

Raghav Bhola
Head of Dealmaking
As the Head of Dealmaking, Raghav guides SME's in the process of attracting finance. Raghav holds 10 years of experience working in corporate finance, fundraising and in the financial analytics space for organisations like Goldman Sachs and Royal Bank of Scotland. He has spent the last 5 years of his professional career in the off-grid sector with Greenlight Planet & D.light design. Raghav is excited to combine his corporate finance and investment experience, together with his knowledge of the SME sector by adding value to a large number of our entrepreneurs by teaching them the language of the investment world and by helping them to find the best financial solutions. 
Clare Byaruhanga
Business Development Officer
“Impact investment as a purposeful way of extending finance to enterprises in the developing world, ensures that the benefits of an investment no matter what size are enjoyed by multitudes. I believe this is an effective way of making a difference, thus my passion in promoting BiD Network’s activities.”

Clare holds a masters degree in Public and Development Management from the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa. She has been at the forefront of SME business support for over 12 years, in various capacities including business portfolio management, business analysis and advisory services. While working with entrepreneurs and financial institutions in the Ugandan, Kenyan and Rwandan markets, Clare successfully implemented sustainable solutions and initiatives for enterprise growth on behalf of Investor groups. She is responsible for sourcing, contracting and local matchmaking.

Supervisory Board


Ruud Nijs
''I am proud to be the chairman of the Board, especially because BID is tangibly adding value to the entrepreneurship in developing countries. With that they contribute in a very pragmatic way to a better distribution of wealth in the world.''

Ruud Nijs (married, two daughters and one son) is the chairman of the Board of BiD Network and partner at TheRockGroup ( They focus on results in mainstreaming sustainability in corporations and organizations, commercializing young ventures and creating solutions for complex societal issues. Ruud has a history in banking (ABN Amro bank and Rabobank). At Rabobank he was the Director for Corporate Social Responsibility, managing ao. the Rabobank Foundation. Nowadays Ruud spends ample time in developing countries on inclusive finance projects.

Chimwemwe de Gaay Fortman
“With its pioneering and hands-on approach BiD truly lives its own slogan - we believe in entrepreneurs as development catalysts -”

Chimwemwe de Gaay Fortman is a member of the BiD Network Board and has been working in the financial sector since 1995. At Rabobank, the Dutch Development Finance Institution FMO, and the ABN AMRO Bank she has built a solid track record in banking, among others in emerging markets, and including deal origination and execution of complex financings, restructurings and risk management to both small and medium-sized enterprises and large corporates. Currently Chimwemwe is an independent advisor, and board member at the Supervisory Board and Advisory Counsel of the Society of International Development, the Netherlands Chapter. She is particularly committed to impact investment.

Herman Snelder
''I am always keen to see people starting their enterprise and taking risks but with the ambition to not only serve their own interests but also those of the community. This is also the core of BiD networks' activities. I try to contribute to the organisation based on my own experiences.''

Herman Snelder is part of the BiD Network Board and owner and managing director of MDF ( MDF is a worldwide company in the area of management and organisation. MDF delivers training, advisory and evaluation services but also implements large projects in the field of education and water. All their services focus on social impact eventually. MDF has 10 offices worldwide, Netherlands, Belgium, Ghana, RD Congo, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Vietnam and Indonesia. Herman has joined the organisation in 1989 after 10 years of field work in RD Congo and Rwanda. He became co-owner and director from 2000. In addition to being director he carries out advisory and evaluation missions. MDF adheres to the principles of Rhineland which is based on the principles of trust, craft (wo)manship and Relation with stakeholders.