About BiD Network

Facilitating Investment for Small and Medium sized Enterprises in East Africa

Mission & Ambition

BiD Network was established in 2007 with the mission to contribute to sustainable economic growth in emerging countries through entrepreneurship. We have done this by facilitating 235 investments for emerging market SME’s for a value of around $34M.

We have the ambition to become the “independent trusted partner for SME’s in Eastern Africa by facilitating tailored financial solutions throughout their life cycle”. By doing so, we aim to facilitate $100M of private investments for at least 230 emerging market entrepreneurs in the coming 5 years.

We strongly believe that our entrepreneurs are ‘development catalysts’, as they create jobs and offer a wide range of products and services that improve the living conditions for the communities they work in. Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) serve as the backbone of the economy. However, they often face difficulties getting access to finance and that is where BiD Network steps in.

Being an investment advisory firm, BiD facilitates transactions and knows the loopholes. We guide both the entrepreneur and the investors during the process with the goal to sign an investment. However, before entrepreneurs are ready for investment deal making they participate in our Investment Readiness process where we jointly prepare the right documents and train them in having an investor on board. Our unique asset is our local presence in Uganda and Rwanda, which allows us to establish long-term relations with the entrepreneurs. We reach further than the usual suspects which makes us attractive for investors to collaborate.