Interview: Rwandan Mobile Technology company HeHe Labs

Clarisse Iribagiza is the co-founder and CEO of HeHe Labs, a Rwandan Mobile Technology research and innovation lab. The company offers mobile solutions for different sectors, such as agriculture, infrastructure and healthcare, as well as code programs for schools and...

World Water Day: Raising Awareness on Water

March 22nd is World Water Day; a day to raise awareness on the use and impact of water, or a shortage of water. While people in many western countries can use water anyplace and any time, this is not the case for most developing nations as millions of people don’t...

Somali Diaspora Investment event

Investment Opportunities for Somali Diaspora Location: Hampshire Hotel – Babylon, the Hague Address: Bezuidenhoutseweg 53 – 2594 AC – The Hague, The Netherlands Date and time: December 13, 14:00 – 18:00 On Saturday the 13th of December 2014 Nedsom...
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